We work with all sides of your business

Akam Dynamics a new breed of digital partner designed to fill the gap between a Systems Integrator and a Digital Agency. Not only do we understand the intricacies of technology, we also understand branding, design and customer experience. We know it’s important that your marketing, IT and eCommerce teams are in-synch, and that they’ll each have their own requirements. That’s why we have a diverse personnel in place – so we can speak to all sides of your business.

We are a digital commerce advisor

Our goal is to be your trusted commerce advisor. That’s why we’ve hired some of the brightest subject matter experts in the market to ensure we’re always providing clients with sound direction and advice based on the latest trends and practices in the digital commerce ecosystem.

We are Mobile experts

For web-only retailers, Google’s algorithm announcement on giving an added boost to mobile-friendly sites should have already caught your attention. But being mobile-friendly isn’t just about SEO. Customers increasingly use their phones to window shop, to check out prices when they are in the store, or park items in a shopping cart to look at later. Having a clunky mobile interface discourages shoppers from shopping with you.

Our vision

Consumers are getting sophisticated about shopping than they are, and that could mean trouble ahead for businesses.
There are going to be clear winners and losers in this game, and the crazy growth we’re seeing in some markets now is going to level off soon.

Technology now creates a new generation of eConsumers, featuring diminishing info asymmetry, social connectivity, fragmented retail touch-points, quest for superior experience and sense of participation.

For the first time, consumers are in command, and the rules of the game have changed. Forget about market share battles among online and offline channels. Those who can adapt to consumer sovereignty will survive and thrive.

Akam Dynamics enable its clients to become more sophisticated and efficient, increasing their business faster.